I had my own health problems that inspired my journey of discovery and and ultimate healing. Along the way learning techniques that are applied to clients today. 


Year 1986, at age 14, I was diagnosed with Scheuermann's Disease, a slight deformation of one or more vertebra through injury. One day, 22 years later a chiropractor felt something different in my neck and sent me on a scan to find that I had something completely different, Ankylosing Spondilitis (AS). Later, a genetic test found I had the HLA-B27 gene associated with this. 

I went on the standard NHS route with treatments for pain control as there was no cure for this condition. So I thought. 

In the mean time the condition gave me headaches so bad I could hardly sleep and the pain killers gave me little to no relief. The cramp in my back on morning waking was so tight it took me 30 minutes to get out of bed. To add to it I developed bone spurs all throughout the spine. Sitting even for short periods became unbearable.

In 2010 after reading Michael Newtons book Life Between Lives I decided I wanted to become a hypnotherapist but at the time I was deeply involved in a construction business but somehow as fate has it the world conspired against this and I had to close it.

A friend recommended a course with a Dr Keith Hearne. Whilst on the course Dr Hearne noticed how uncomfortable I looked sitting in class and decided to use my condition as a case study. The day had come where he finished a protocol for my condition and we sat to do the session. It took a whole month until all the effects of AS had gone but the hypnotherapy worked for sure. There was nothing left of the tension. No more headaches and tough mornings getting out of bed, no fatigue, no heavy body, no spasms at night. My life suddenly had a future worth living with plenty of optimism. I am disease free today.


Going back to 2001 I was a sceptic of all things religious, spiritual or unseen, in all manner of the word I was an atheist. Whilst working sales at South East Energy Board I had with me 2 colleagues who were seasoned explorers of the non-physical world. During lunch breaks when their conversations went into this subject I would turn off and read the newspapers. But after so many times hearing these stories I was at one point taken by them. I soon found myself joining them on meditation and self-development courses, and in particular Sedona Method. This was my first taste of energy medicine.  

In 2012 I was introduced to energy therapy in a deeper way, not the reiki or hands on approach we all know or even the self-development techniques like Sedona Method but something more profound that left me thunder struck. The technique was called Emotion Code. Suddenly I could directly work on other people even without them needing to do anything, they just had to be there. Amazing! Then to learn I could do this all distantly without the client even being present was the real mind blow.

I studied under teachers, masters and innovators in this field, with decades of experience and knowledge which gave me exponential growth and understanding. I travelled both locally and abroad to learn, discover and experience what I could. Along the way I had the most amazing of times and met the most profoundly gifted people. I felt boundless in this new space.

Even though I was now free of Ankylosing Spondilitis, I had this condition for 26 years which left me with bone spurs all over my spine, so now remove this. Seeing as this was far from a natural process for the body to do I knew it would be difficult. I made it my mission but found nothing and tried everything, every method, every healer. This took me around the country and to several countries abroad and spending a fortune doing so. I was dejected that nothing I had tried worked. I gave up the search. I decided that I had to live with the degenerative effects of bone spurs. This pained me greatly as I knew with age this would get worse. 

The following year I decided to invest in a pair of bioresonance machine I had wanted for years, the TimeWaver devices. To my surprise during the study course they informed me of frequencies to reduce and ultimately remove bone spurs, wow. The solution had landed on my lap, the next stage of my healing journey. Today I am applying these frequencies with good results so far and on the road to full recovery.

All in all I've had a very interesting and enchanting journey. I live in good health with an enjoyable life. Life has taken a up turn and continues to do so. I am in a bright present with a even brighter future for myself and today I am applying what I've discovered on my clients. It is truly limitless what can be done with a good combination of alternative therapy. Join me for a no obligations chat at Hale Clinic in London to see what can be done for you. 

When other medicines and techniques fail this may help

With these studies we are trying to unlock specific disorders

Work will help at various levels even if the condition is not fully eradicated

Using one or more techniques and therapists, including hypnotherapy, Emotion Code, Vortex Balance and Gene-Line therapy, Bio-resonance, & Microcurrent. 

​Alex Duvnjak - Inner Shift

Address: Natureworks, 16a Balderton St, Mayfair,

London, W1K 6TN

Tel: 07584 717370 

Previously at: Sanoviv Health Institute, B. California, and 10 Harley Street, London.

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