Since discovering that the world is round in 600 BC to where we are today, mankind's discoveries have advanced exponentially. Discoveries and inventions are beyond imagination. As we move into the era of artificial intelligence and inter-dimensional probing, we are just on a cusp of even bigger leaps in understanding of ourselves and the Universe.

As our external world moves forward the need to look internally is ever more relevant. For people to invest time and energy toward personal growth is of the utmost benefit for mind and body.

Alex Duvnjak is an energy therapist not bound by any system of therapy, having extensively explored alternative medicine globally.

Studying hypnotherapy was his initial outing into the world of the subconscious therapy and during this time energy therapy was introduced to him in the form of Emotion Code. Realising he could use this technique in hypnotherapy opened a Pandora's Box of possibilities. Going on to study many other forms of kinesiology based systems and bio-resonance, and seeing the angles that these therapies can be incorporated into a bigger therapeutic application. 

Today he has a refined version of alternative therapies. After traversing the world to discover, understand, and study some of the most wonderful forms of therapy, he can now apply a well-integrated approach to treating ailments, elevate the sense of being, enhance the energy system beyond its normal boundary and put a smile on your face. A world of possibilities is at our disposal.

When you're ready for a life of exceptional living. He's ready to help. Get in contact today!  

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Combing therapies can make them more effective

When medicines and old techniques fail, Inner Shift offers new possibilities

A world of possibilities - therapy that makes a difference

Global scientific studies at renowned Institutes and Universities highlight the effectiveness of energy therapy. For a collective study: "Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis", by James L. Oschman. 

“In the past, we could define an individual as that which lies within the skin, but it is a fact of physics that energy fields are unbounded.”
― James L. Oschman, "Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis"