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About me

From initially hearing about energy work in 2001 to being a full time practitioner.  What inspired me?

In 2001 they called in self development and included mediation work and mainly introspective work like The Sedona Methiod. This discovery had changed me so much that I knew it was the best thing I had ever done. I suddenly felt free and at easy with myself and others like never before. The transformation I saw in my friends at the time was also spectacular to see.

Fast forward many years and reading many books on the subject I decided to become a therapist after reading Dr Michael Newtons books on Life Between Lives, fascinating and recommend to anyone. This was 2010 and I was engaged in a business that seemed to be falling apart at this period, a sure sign that its time was up so I embarked on a hypnotherapy course to become a hypnotherapist and later a Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy practitioner. 

After qualifying in 2012 the world of energy therapy was reintroducing itself to me in a whole new way. I discovered Emotion Code and later Body Code. Almost immediately I began incorporating into hypnotherapy work and began my qualification studies to be a certified Emotion Code practitioner.  As  soon as I qualified I went for the extension course Body Code. 

What an incredible place I was in, there wasn't a weekend that I didn't spend on some course or study or listening to a lecture.  I later went on to study Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) by Robert E. Detzler, Super Conscious Creation by Linda Turner, Life Alignment by Dr J. Levin, Hypnotherapy Past Lives and Spiritual Release with Dr Keith Hearne,  Soul Memories by Darreck Chen, Three Dimension Therapy (T3) by Gwen Legler.  And today my latest  course material is Neuro-Modulation Technique (NMT) by Dr Leslie Feinberg and I think this will be one of the most exciting methods I'll have. 

I have recently acquired a TimeWaver bio-resonance machine by Marcus Schmieke in Germany to add to my practice. This beautiful bit of machinery will add a new dimension to my practice. 

All in all exciting developments have taken place since I went on my first course in 2011 till now and it continues. Every year I have changed the way work. Every year I become better at what do. I will always look to improve on what I have.

After reading I hope you can join me on your first energy therapy sessions with me. I always recommend potential clients to start with an Emotion Code session, feel it's benefits and take it from there.  Hope to see you soon.

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A mix of Body Code and Emotion Code can be used within a session

For online Emotion Code, Body Code and Heart Wall sessions please have a magnet handy

'In Person' sessions are held at NatureWorks, Mayfair, London, W1

*Email session times may vary to time booked unless instructed otherwise

After all sessions it is advised to drink plenty of clean water, either distilled, well filtered, or high quality bottled water; Volvic being a good high street brand.

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