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What is Beliefs Therapy?

Limiting subconscious beliefs include the thoughts and assumptions we hold about ourselves, others, and the world around us. They are deep-seated beliefs which often go unrecognised and yet they constantly affect our lives.

Here are some examples:

  • 'I am ugly'

  • 'Everyone else is better at this than I am'

  • 'The world is full of untrustworthy people'

  • 'I am unloved'


These are all examples of negative subconscious beliefs. Our whole lives are dictated by such inner beliefs and our behaviour is predetermined this way.


We research these limiting beliefs and any negative programs around it before we get to the faulty core belief and release the entire system and then replace it with a healthy system of positive, empowering statements.

During the session we also release any trapped emotions that might be keeping this system in place, and any negative broadcast messages created from having this system.

React to yourself and others assured

Release the source of Unfavourable Reactions

Configure past memories to a higher perspective view

Change your Relationship and View to self and others

Go thought the process of transformation, to grow so that life can flow through you freely, and experience existence in a state of joy. 

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