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New Trial, posted February 2018. 

We are currently looking for business to do a case study on. This is done at no cost to the business.

The benefits for the business will be more flow within the business, between people and with information, better communication with external elements, suppliers and clients, improved financial circumstance and higher future planning. To start early 2019 

Please email or call with your interest to:

For London and surrounding boroughs. Employing technique called Organisational Alignment by Dr J. Levin for our students to case study. 

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We work with Executives from the Corporate World. 


Bringing success and joy.


Make your work place a happy home for your crew. 

Inner Shift - 'Create an environment for a brighter future'

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Benefit for the whole company

Work to better standard and quality

Create ease between workers

Have more meaning, structure and focus

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