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4 Week Plan - £1250

1 x Energy Hypnotherapy + 2 x Fault Find Hypnotherapy

4 x catered sessions - could be any variety of sessions available.


6 Month Plan -  £6750

Enjoy the benefits of a complete program catered to you. 

24 sessions with various modalities to get what you need. 

Work with various therapies and tools including; Emotion Code, Body Code, Hypnotherapy, Response Therapy, various bio-resonance machine, Life Alignment, Gene-line therapy, and others.

Plus 4 added sessions with other therapists.

4 months of deep transformation!!

Please email if further information is required

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Package deals are catered to the person for an effective approach

In Person sessions are held at The Light Centre, Marylebone 

Email session are bookable via Fiverr

Please note you will be a different person to the one prior to booking a package deal

After all sessions it is advised to drink plenty of clean water, either distilled with added minerals, well filtered, or high quality bottled water; Volvic being a good high street brand.

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