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Inner Shift Courses in Hypnotherapy

(Alex Duvnjak)

Location: Nature Works, Mayfair, London.

Date: 22 & 23, July, 2017

Two day course on 22 & 23 July 2017, 10am - 6pm  

Price: £220

This is a GHR endorsed course via -

Email Inner Shift to register your interest or buy online.

Releasing Negative Emotions in hypnosis using Ideo Motor Responses IMR's

Throughout our lives we experience traumatic and stressful events and this creates emotion within us. These emotions usually release on their own if we are in the right place with good understanding of ourselves and the situation. But this is not always the case so what happens is these emotions get trapped in the body causing that energy to stress that part of the body and also allowing them to re-experience the trauma.


On this course learn how to:

Using the principles of this emotional processing technique where we will learn to find these negative emotions and release them from the body. With hypnosis we will guide the clients subconscious to show us where to look for these negative emotions using Ideo Motor Responses (IMR's). We will install IMR's using clients fingers or other body responder and watch the body give us the answer to unlock the client from emotion baggage and free them from stress, working toward a particular healing outcome.

This combined with clinical hypnotherapy techniques is powerful work.

Seminar Content:

Day one teaching and live example, day two practice sessions

Introduction the what is a negative emotion

Learn how to use IMR's with accuracy

Understand how to use the client subconscious to do most of the work

Learn to find these energies

Learn to about all possible information required from the subconscious to release the energy

Learn how to effectively combine this technique with a typical hypnotherapy approach

Learn how to process and release inherited emotions

Learn about pre-natal emotions and what information is required to release them

Learn about preconception emotions

See a live demonstration of the work just learnt

Practice on one another through day 2 with observation and comments

In addition to the above:

Copy of emotion charts

Copy of processes links chart

Copy of the body organs chart

Progressive relaxation induction script

Deepener and Maintaining script

Visualisation and Enabling script

IMR installation script 

Certificate on completion if you are a registered practitioner. 


Hypnotherapy Certification or Diploma and registered at the GHR to receive a CPD course completion certificate.

If you have no formal qualification then you must be a student on route to qualification and have a good understanding of hypnotherapy and know how to take people into hypnosis and return them

Inner Shift Courses in Hypnotherapy

(Alex Duvnjak)

Location: Nature Works, Mayfair, London.

Date: 17, July, 2017

One day course on 15 July 2017  

Price: £55

Learn how to Dowse using a pendulum for the use in energy therapy

Dowsing has been used for centuries to gain knowledge.

Learn how it is a form of muscle testing and a great way to communicate with the subconscious. 

This one day course is learning how to use a pendulum for use in energy therapy.

Learn the history of dowsing.history

Learn how it is similar to muscle testing.

Learn to dowse for practical things, ie, where to find objects.

Learn to use basic energy therapy tools.

In addition to the above:

Copy of beliefs chart

Copy of Flow Chart



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