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Connect with people and people to connect with you

Allow yourself to give and receive more love and understanding

Clear barriers to moving forward in relationships of all kinds and with yourself

What is The Heart Wall?

The heart extracts trapped emotions from the body and makes a barrier around itself to protect itself from hurt, injury or from being broken. To the mind the wall is real. Initially, this barrier may be a good thing as it can help a person get through a rough time, but if this wall is left in place and continues to be added on to then it becomes detrimental. The wall hinders love from flowing freely into or out of the heart and hinders our connection with others.

The existence of heart walls was an important discovery by Dr. Bradley Nelson when he found it on his wife Jean.

Releasing the emotions trapped in a heart wall can have a dramatic impact on a person. Dr. Nelson says that most people have a heart wall and many have an additional "hidden" heart wall.

In his book The Emotion Code, Dr. Nelson has written a chapter about these walls and within The Emotion Code technique he has developed a specific technique whereby the trapped emotions contained in these heart walls are released.

Many people go through life with these Heart Walls unable to give or receive love and connection. Lives and relationships can be transformed by removing these barricades.

Learn more about heart walls and the damage they can do by listening to Dr. Nelson in the following YouTube presentation:

YouTube​ video, Dr Bradley Nelson explaining the HeartWall: 

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The Heart-Wall is constructed out of the hearts desire to protect itself and creates an energy barrier between people.   

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