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What is Hypno-Energy Therapy ?

Hypno-Energy Therapy is the combination of Hypnotherapy and Energy Therapies.

We take the client into hypnosis and then into a body/emotional balance and whilst here we explore an event, time frame or other life scenario and then bring the session back out and complete it. After we do some general hypnotherapy checks for foreign energies, cording, find and release grouped energies, and any other priorities the subconscious wants, which could include core beliefs, negative programs, inner child work, mind balance, and others. 

This combination therapy was devised in early 2016, continually

improved since, and is unique in its depth of scope.

Deal with long standing issues that other therapies have not

Clean the body of external energies, electro-magnet frequencies, excesses

A therapy within a therapy, a deep search in the subconscious 

See Programs menu above for details -

Join the many who have experienced the powerful effects from this specially catered combination therapy.

Works for both purpose alignment and healing.

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