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'Energy Therapy in Hypnosis', new from January 2016 and continually improved.

Various energy therapies in combination can achieve a strong effect

From removing a trapped emotion to aligning with your true purpose that you came here for

Catered programs developed to give the client a relevant course of treatment


Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss with Energy Therapy combination 120 mins - In-Person @ Nature Works, Mayfair, W1 - £170

Want to look good and be the slimmer healthier you. These session will help with slimming and then maintaining of good balanced weight. A program of hypnotherapy for weight loss of 3 is recommended at £450. 


Hypnotherapy and Energy Therapy combination (HET) - 1 x Hypno-Energy Initial session 110 mins - In-Person, 1 x Hypno-Energy Therapy - 110 mins - In-Person both at Nature Works, Mayfair W1, or via Skype. Plus 3x50 min via Skype prep/follow up sessions. Plus  complete Heart Wall sessions - £795

One initial session 110 minute hypnotherapy session to release energies and realign the energy body in preparation for the HET session the following week. 3 sessions via Skype which will be performed before and after the hypnotherapy sessions. Plus Heart Wall removal sessions (unlimited sessions until Heart Walls are gone)

Book a Program to get a great combination therapy.

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