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What is SRT ?

SRT, is a system of researching the subconscious mind and soul records of people by connecting with your guidance within (Superconscious Mind/Higher Self) to quickly find and release the negative programming and beliefs. As negative programs and blocks are identified, they are cleared and replaced with positive energy and inner peace.


Once an individual is clear about their vision, and past obstacles have been removed, it is easier to manifest the greater good.


Since the 1980's, SRT has assisted many thousands of people all around the world to release negativity, break old habits, transform emotional and physical issues, change false beliefs, perceptions and attitudes, and attain greater clarity, balance, joy, and harmony.


SRT was developed with the premise that everyone has experienced previous existence in both spiritual and incarnational realms. Negative energy and limiting beliefs established then, as well as in the present, can keep an individual from realizing their full potential. The purpose of SRT is to empower and assist others in creating a positive future for themselves and for the planet.

Deals with the higher aspect of the self

Configure the soul essence of yourself

Clear programming from the spiritual self

Clear other life programs 

The highest form of energy work that can be done to clear the life ahead.

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