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What is SuperConnection?

Every question has at least one answer…

Every challenge, every issue has at least one solution…


SuperConnection™ brings together many powerful self-healing tools and teaches you to access and use them by connecting into your super conscious  mind.


Connecting to your superconscious allows you to go deep within yourself, just like regression or hypnosis, but without the necessity of being in a modified state of consciousness.


Although they use different tools, psychology and esoteric knowledge basically agree that how anyone reacts or responds to a situation today is largely based on what has happened in the past. Whether you call it genetics, inheritance, family lineage or reincarnation doesn’t really matter.


What does matter is that your present - and therefore your future - is affected by the past and your past means all your past experiences including the related thoughts, limiting beliefs and unresolved feelings.

The issue itself never causes the problem; it is always how you feel about it and it is this stuck energy that we seek to address. The clearer your past, the clearer and more free your present and future will be.


Love-based and free from fear, SuperConnection™ aims to guide you towards an awareness of your own SuperConnection™  power and to use this to bring about healing on all levels of your Being.

A true esoteric, all encompassing approach to energy therapy

which will deal with energy like no other modality before. 

Align internal and external Energies

Deal with Values and Personal Motives

Calm Attitudes and Fear based feelings

Work with Beliefs, Limitations and Patterns

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