Marie, Events Manager, London, February 2016

'Alex. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I think I've been fighting it as I had a feeling of numbness after the treatment. But I have had a breakthrough yesterday and I know what it is that's held me back. I can't thank you enough. All I can do is recommend you as I have been. Love you Lots. Thank you.'



Letting go

Petra, Accountant, London, March 2016.

'Hi Alex! After the therapy I was feeling very free and uplifted but yesterday afternoon i felt very very sad. I then realised that I was holding many things from the past like issues related to self confidence that started when I was a kid till my teen age. So I felt the urge to open up with Freddie about these things for the first time.

I believe I have to thank the therapy and your work for helping me letting go.'



'I spoke to Julieta and she is already feeling a difference. Thanks so much.'

Jack, London

'Thanks for this.  Dad and I are both feeling quite well right now. And my mother seems to be feeling fine! I might want a session next week so will let you know. Hope you are well.'

Casey, Surrey

Will to live

Alexandra, Human Resources, London, March 2016.

'Hi Alex, you're gonna love this even though it sounds a bit dark.

Do you remember what we went through in my last hypno-energy therapy?

Well, I think that was exactly what was causing me not wanting to live.

So, this wanting to die has been very much like my friend for a long while (especially over the last few years). The thought that I can die anytime I chose was somewhat comforting and almost alluring. I was curious about the whole process and some days I literally prayed for it.

So whenever I would feel really depressed or something awful would happen I'd think that I could always take a handful of pills, etc and just leave this world if I wanted to. I guess a part of me liked that thought.

So some days ago similar thoughts sneaked in yet they didn't have any effect on me. Moreover, I have realised that I want to live and I don't want to die anymore at all.

So I was like, 'OMG, now I really have to live'.

So as you see this worked very well for me.

So thank you Alex.

I waited a few days and checked in every day but I still feel the same - that old familiar feeling is gone.'


Feeling fresh

Sophia, London, June 2016.

'Feeling fresh and balanced for the week ahead after therapy and reflection. Thank you. Saying it with (virtual) flowers. Very much appreciated and can feel the difference. Highly recommended to all.'

Beneficial and rewarding

Michelle Justine Holloway, Care Worker, June 2016

'Alex, initially I was apprehensive as unsure what this therapy involved. I only knew I needed some form of healing and balance in my life owing to some close family issues. It had been a traumatic week, so when the appointment with came around it was really appreciated, as though just at the right time. I was excited and open minded and knew I needed to feel better.

The process took me back to my childhood scenarios, from which I recognised some issues concerning relationships with close family members. After which I was able to accept logically situations beyond my control.

Throughout some of the therapy, my left eye flickered, as though an awakening of that side of me was taking place. I simply could not control it's movement and also flickering type mini spasms of my right foot.

Via the "downloading" of vital affirmations into my sub consciousness, I also realised I was involved in an unhealthy relationship in terms of our future and sense of togetherness missing. After which, I distanced myself from him.

The actual timing seemed to be a lot shorter than the time it took to have the process done. It was extremely helpful and I felt a sense of balance, peace and calm within me. I realised I had some extra energy and reflected the following day at how beneficial and rewarding the session had been.

I also reported to Alex a kind of detox from my left ear. I guessed that is where balance is in our bodies and a clearing of this area definitely took place. Strange but true.

I would strongly recommend this therapy. I have gained from it and simply reflecting on it reminds me of a good balanced situation as affirmation. I would certainly have it done again.

Thank you Alex.'

Life is different now

Melanie, London, August 2016.

'I felt so so grateful. ...and relieved last Monday....and since 1st Mondy!

Bless you Alex....it's amazing what you're doing. ...and I've had alot of healing before.'

Bright future

Meera, London, August 2016.

'I felt a lot lighter immediately after the appointment and was able to really think about my future objectively for the first time in ages.'

Creative energy 

Antonio, Staff at Sanoviv Health Institute, Mexico, September 2015

'After the Body Code session I have got out of the thick energy that has been holding me back for so long now. I find that I can now write and do things and think much better than before. Amazing. So glad I came and it will be sad to see you go.'

Short testimonials 


'I feel good and i feel very calm'

'I'm feeling on top of the world.'

'By the way i definitely feel fresher this morning.'

'I feel good, really good, I can't thank you enough.'

'You’ve transformed my life in just 1 hour!!'

'My shoulder is less stiff and my shoulder blade feels OK, I'm moving it around as i am writing'

Take on the world

Marie, Event Manager, London, June 2016.

'Super excited like really crazy excited!!! Had a wonder hypno-energy therapy with the wonderful Alex Duvnjak (As always).
Feeling ready to get very messy tomorrow @ Chrysalid & Wildtings!!!!!! I could burst AAAAAAAHAHHHHHHH

Feeling like I can take on the world!!!!!!!!!!'

Difficult to get angry

Jayesh, London, April 2016.

'After releasing my Heart Wall, there was a sudden calmness, and for the next few days I found it very difficult to get angry, I would just brush things off that used to disturb my peace. I think the long term benefits of getting this kind of treatment are intangible and almost priceless. Still a lot of work to do on myself. But I'm assured that Alex genuinely cares about my progress and well being.'

Accelerating spiritual growth

James, London, July 2016.

'Hi Alex, here's a testimonial for you. "I have noticed numerous positive changes in my wellbeing such as dental sensitivity eliminated, improved dietary changes, accelerating spiritual growth and long term chronic fatigue beginning to clear up.

This work is unprecedented in rebalancing the body.'

Getting back into shape 

Meera, London, July 2016.

'The lovely thing is I was able to go back to the gym and exercise like I used to this week. I used to love sports and regular training until my accident but wasn’t able to do more than walking short distances without my body going into spasm or crippling pain. It is a pleasant surprise to find that I’m almost twanging back into shape as though my muscles remember what they used to be capable of. I’m really, really pleased.'

Amazing work

Susana, London, April 2017.

'Thank you very much for your amazing work, I could really feel the energy moving in my body, it was really intense and little bit painful as well. I feel much better now, thank you very much. I would like to work on other issues next week, because sometimes I feel very strange after the session and it's hard for me to work, so I'd prefer having a session next week on Thursday again.

Have a lovely day.

One more time thank you very much:)'

Nightmare reversal  

Claire, Kent, May 2017.

“I’d never heard of Emotion Code or Body Code prior to booking an appointment with Alex.  I read an article somewhere & researched practitioners in London & found Alex.  I liked his website & choice of wording & booked an appointment…..that was it.  A week later we met.  I’m happy to say that I was not disappointed in anyway with Alex, he is a very nice man who knows what he is doing. 

It was very interesting during the session to hear what type of emotions Alex was tapping into & releasing.  It's been two weeks since I saw Alex and I've seen changes already.

A few examples, Alex informed me of a trapped emotion in the form of ‘worry’ at the age of 41, which was 2 years ago.  At the time my brother was sleeping a maximum of 3 hrs per night which went on for 6-9 months, I was extremely worried for him then.

Reoccurring bad dreams of people from my past have stopped, this was the main reason I wanted to see Alex.  I no longer think of that troubled time either which is incredible.

Acidity in my body came up too.  I already knew my pH levels were 5.5 (average person is around 7.5), the next day I tested myself again & it had increased to 6.5, which was great.

I felt so much lighter after our meeting, like I was walking on air with a slight tingling sensation all over.  I noticed that I was very tired afterwards which lasted a day or two.

I’ve booked to see Alex again & I have already recommend Alex to a friend.

Thank you Alex for your ‘Energy Medicine’ work, it’s wonderful”

Back to work 

Sebrina, Brighton, June 2017.

Just to let you know that I've seen a great difference in Alex since her session with you.  Her balance has almost completely returned, still that 2% lingering.

Alex hasn't been able to do much energetic movement for months and months and months and this weekend she was up cleaning the flat, hoovering and dusting and then went shopping....that may sound like nothing but for Alex that is truly amazing!  Thank you so much Alex.

Energy moving 

Dom, London, May 2017.

'Thank you very much for your amazing work, I could really feel the energy moving around my body and I am also aware of other issues which should be addressed.

One more time thank you for your work, I really appreciate everything what you have done for me so far.'

Quick turnaround

Jean, Berkshire, December 2016.

Before therapy and after therapy pH level test with pH mouth strips where alkalinity went up 1 point:

'Just to update you on pH level, range is 4.5-7.5, below 7 is acidic, above 7 is alkaline. My results: First (before therapy) test: 5.5. Second (after therapy) test: 6.5 and it was darker in places (more alkaline) so thank you! Mini scientific proof done.'

Soft memories

Beatrice, London, June 2018.

Hi Alex,
Thanks a lot for the session a few days ago ! I'm seeing significant changes already, such as feeling calm and happy in a way I haven't felt in many many years, and also spending the day in the present has become much easier ! Before your session I had to make conscious efforts to bring my attention to the now (which was not what I wanted it to be in various important aspects) but since yesterday I've been able to enjoy the day and simply where I am and what I am doing. And today this feeling was "just there" since I woke up ! I have honestly not felt this light and carefree in years, close to 10 years I think ....
And that job in Korea that was present on my mind almost daily, is still gone completely ! It doesn't bother me anymore, it's like my mind just does not go there anymore :) 
So thank you so much for your work ! The effects are truly amazing ! 

'I have been feeling good since the Balance session. My father reports that the pain in his right leg has eased up.'

Ben, Manchester

'Something clicked in me during the last month. Never felt so good and in touch with myself and others! I believe I have to thank the universe and the amazing hypnotherapy with Alex Duvnjak.'

Patricia - London

I've been having flashing sensations so something is going on, its going somewhere. The pain and the fluctuation from dryness to wet has completely gone. I have also been headache free.  Thankyou for you support. It was no chance me and mum staying at your mothers. 

Suzana - Belgrade (Quote from blind lady)

'As you know, I have had this neck issue and was told that my only options was an expensive operation in Germany which I couldn't afford. Since your distant therapy I have been pain free and very happy. I was in such pain 24 hours a day, wearing a neck brace, and now it's all gone like it was never there.'

Lucie - Prague

'I am now in control of my alcohol consumption, and found myself a new lover who is perfect for me, and even found myself again and an even better version of me. I believe that this is from those few sessions you done months ago. I used to drink a bottle of red wine every evening and this wasn't doing me, my son, or business any good. I don't know what else it could have been, I've been such a mess for so many years now. It's good to be back.'

Angela - London

'Thanks. I do feel something has shifted and feeling a lot calmer'

Gita - London

Great work and much appreciated Alex. Thanks a lot for bringing back my life and health together. 


Abhishek, London.

'My general mood has improved greatly to the point that I was practically exuberant yesterday, and I haven't felt like that for quite a while. Still, there are some issues that are bothering me and I'd like to continue working on them..'

Heather - Germany

'My PH levels have gone up, from 5.5 to 6.5 which is fab!  My lower back is still tense but not as bad as it originally was.  My dreams have changed too, I’ve dreamt twice of my ex-fiancé and he’s been nice in the dream which is absolutely fantastic!.'

Claire - Kent

'I feel absolutely amazing, like a weight has been lifted.  I know my dizziness will go totally very soon but for it to be a 2 now is life changing for me.'

Sophia - North London

'By the way Alex (my partner) is feeling amazing.'

'Alex, you do such brilliant work.'

Ella - London

'I felt much better after our session, for a long time I felt an amazing lightness on my chest as well as peace..'

Caroline - London

I am so relieved from all the physical pain I had around my body, pains I thought I would have to live with and would only get worse. It's some incredible work you are doing so keep it up. 


Lydia, London.

Absolutely amazing. I couldn't believe that when I asked for my sessions to give me more clients that it actually would. Alex thank you. Even you saw for yourself that by the third time you had come I was getting calls non-stop, where before I was lucky to get one or two calls a week.


Olga, London.

My weight dropped after those hypnotherapy sessions so I'm very glad you suggested it as I was sceptical about hypnotherapy but not any more, now I am a fan.


Tamara, London.

I feel so much better after our sessions Alex, it was no accident we met. As an intuitive healer I never paid much regard to these therapies and thought they were just gimmicks. This has been very transformational so thank you for your time, care and attention. I now have a sense of liberation I have rarely felt before.

It's great to know we have this type of work available.


David, Kent, UK.

Thanks a lot for this!

I'm happy with this session, I think we cleared important things and I have been feeling much happier and lighter since.


Simon, Berkshire, UK.